SCFX Trader & Management is pioneering the world’s first true Forex Auto Trading platform. Backed by leading technology firms, SCFX is committed to revolutionizing the financial trading experience.

Trading Floor, Analytic Room, Customer Care, Game Room, Development Cave …

SCFX has the best cast and the best supporting cast in the industry. We are a group of traders, analysts, programmers, financial gurus and of course customer supporters. Combined, we are close to 35 years of experience. We value your business, your time and your hard earned investments. Ask us your questions — in fact, we encourage it. We promise to answer them with honesty and transparency. Because at SCFX, we believe the best outcomes in life come from being fully engaged. Once again, thanks for your business!

We breath, we eat, we sleep, we dream trading

Here at SCFX we strive to make the Forex market exciting easy to profit and easy to understand. You can subscribe to our Forex Auto Trader in different packages. We offer many selections for different levels of traders, from conservative, aggressive, account management, monthly and yearly profit. We believe in precision as well as transparency. Our business has many things to offer and everything you need to start making money in the Forex Market.

The key to high returns is a disciplined strategy

We trade wisely! Trading can be risky, as the market we trade in could go down in value or even close down completely. It is important to research the market and analyze the risk of investing before putting money down. We develop an unique currency trading plan ready for the right trade opportunities, entering and exiting a trade at the right moment. Our analysts prepare for each forex trading day or week with research and chart study. We test our systems and constantly trying different settings and strategies as the environment changes. Our day always ends by reviewing every single day we trade.